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            ZKBRAIN GIS

            ZKBRAIN GIS is devoted to building the ZKBRAIN digital twin and constructing a smart city platform integrating the panoramic presentation of the City Information Model CIM, city perception and city governance.

            • Control the city situation comprehensively

            • Improve the city management effectiveness

            • Form smart city management system

            ZKBRAIN AI capability platform

            AI ability is introduced into all aspects of city governance to realize the continuous cycle of "ZKBRAIN" perception, cognition, analysis and deduction

            ZKBRAIN “Lian-i government” (Block Chain) product

            Make the service better each time

            ZKBRAIN application scenarios

            Technology makes city life better

            ZKBRAIN Intelligent hardware

            As a terminal component for building a smart city, it is an important part of Cloud-Edge-Unit of the ZKBRAIN

            • News

              News and information
            • Media

              The media broadcast
            • The Party Information

              The party information
            • Li Haohao, CEO of Zhongguancun Smart City Co., Ltd., won the National Advanced Individual Award for Fighting the coVID-19

            • "One SmartPhone Tour haidian" had been presented at 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS)

            • The first district-level smart city media lab in China!

            • Global service, wisdom sharing, technology makes the brain of Zhongke "more versatile

            • Beijing Daily: Cai Qi visited high-tech parks and unicorn companies

            • Beijing Daily: Flood and drought disaster prevention command cockpit set sail in Haidian District

            • Haidian ZKBRAIN phase I has been constructed successfully

            • Xinhua News Agency: "Smart Community access control System" to help the epidemic prevention and controlled

            • The first district-level smart city media lab in China!

            • Zhang Ling, a professor from The Party School of the CPC Beijing Committee, led a team to investigate Haidian district

            • The General Branch of Zhongguancun Smart City Co., Ltd. held to expand the membership of primary-level Party organizations

            • The leading group of Zhongguancun Smart City Co., Ltd. shall participate in the standardized management of regional state-owned enterprises


            Time is the longitude, things are the latitude, Accumulate feats over time

            • 2003
            • 2004
            • 2005
            • 2006
            • 2007
            • 2009
            • 2016
            • 2017
            • 2018
            • 2019
            • 2020

            In 2003, Zhongguancun Haidian Park management Committee approved the establishment of Zhonghaijiyuan company, responsible for the planning, design and operation service for Haidian Park informatization construction.

            A service ecosystem of win-win cooperation

            Technology makes city life better

            Market layout

            Technology makes city life better

            The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area

            Beijing City, Tianjin City, Shijiazhuang City, Langfang City, Zhangjiakou City

            Yangtze Delta area

            Shanghai, Suzhou City, Yangzhou City, Jinshi City, Ningbo City, Wenzhou City, Yiwu City

            Pearl River Delta area

            Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Foshan City

            The northwest area

            Xinjiang, Xi'an City, Baotou City, Wulate

            Other areas

            Shandong Province, Henan Province, Yunnan Province, Chengdu City, Liaocheng City, Luoyang City, Fuzhou City, Lijiang City, Kunming City, Changchun City, Harbin City, Gaoping City, White City , Hezhou City, Nanning City, Binzhou City, Longyan City, Hefei City, Xuancheng City